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Congratulations on deciding to join the world’s greatest youth organization for young men! By filling out the application below, you’ll be well on your way to leading a successful, happy, and productive life. You’re going to need a parent or guardian’s approval of you joining DeMolay. It’s easy though…just fill out the form below and you’ll be contacted by a representative of DeMolay Ontario to start the process of becoming a member!

Please note: There are fees to join DeMolay, which must be paid before your initiation and annual dues for membership.  Ongoing participation costs for events and activities are also expected of the members and vary from chapter to chapter based on many factors.

While of a modest nature some on limited incomes might feel that the cost is beyond their budget.  Please make sure that you speak to the Chapter representative in confidence on this matter as we have alternate payment options available for the youth to ‘earn” their participation.