A lot of hard work goes into making a DeMolay Chapter great. Whether you’re working on getting new members, planning your installation, or working out the details of your term, our goal is to help you be successful.

Below are a few of the most often used documents, all of which can be found here. You can find the resources divided into four areas:

  • Resources for New Chapter Development,
  • Resources for Members,
  • Resources for Advisors and
  • Resources for Program Development.
There are lots of moving pieces and parts to establishing a New DeMolay Chapter. Here you will find the various information and forms, both required and recommended, to help you be successful. You can get a copy of the Chapter Administration Handbook, find out how to order supplies,
New Chapter Startup Guide A short booklet describing the process and procedures for establishing a new chapter.
Resolution of Sponsor The form which needs to be sent to the Executive Officer after your group have decided to sponsor a DeMolay chapter and complied with the steps listed in the Startup Guide.
or find term planning checklists. Everything you need to create a successful chapter is right at your fingertips. ** Please Note: Chapters in Ontario fall under DeMolay Canada, care should be taken to ensure that only DeMolay Canada Forms are used. For legal and liability reasons similar forms from DeMolay International will not be accepted. **
Monitor of Ceremonies Looking for "that" ceremony? Here it is
Term Planning
Chapter Routine
A brief introduction to the DeMolay Floorwork Simulator, which is a teaching tool for DeMolays and Advisors to understand the movements in the ritual book. The simulator is available for Windows only (Apple users must use a windows emulator).
Advisor Registrations
2018 Continuing Advisor Form This form may only be used by adults registered with DeMolay Canada in 2016. All others must use the Adult Worker Application Form
2018 New Adult Worker Application Form To be used for new advisor registrations
Honors & Awards Nominations
Honors and Awards Nomination Form Only the DeCan form can be used in Canada
Link to On-Line DeMolay Advisor Training portal:
  • When registering, Ontario Advisors should register with Chapter-Jurisdiction being "International Membership"
  • Chapter should be entered as"DeMolay Canada Inc.
  • When completed please print the certificate of completion and give a copy to your chapter advisory Chair.
Additional Resources
 Honours  DeMolay Canada Honours & Awards Nominations Due by April 1st each year
 Youth Protection Attendance Report  Jurisdictional Policy requires that a portion of the Youth Protection Program videos be shown at least once per term, this online form is used to report/record those in attendance.

If you are looking for a resource not listed, please send an email to We will do our best to find it for you.